Services & Pricing - Dogs
"Fancy Cuts - Clean Face & Feet" on Large/Standard Poodles:

Price to be determined after on-site consultation with owner.  We offer a clean, streamlined all-over lamb cut and will render clean feet and face (shaved to the skin).  We do not consider topknots pom poms and will not shave the top of the dog's head unless owner requests it.

An all-over contour cut without shaved face and feet requires less time, starts at about $85, is much easier to maintain, and lasts longer.

Contour cut with clean-face-only starts at $95.  The additional fee for clean feet is $5 a foot.
Ready to book your appointment for dog or cat grooming, but wondering how much it will cost? The average fee for services is $65 to $85.  Breed, size, temperament, and coat condition are factors in determining cost, which may increase in the event of a very difficult and/or time-consuming groom . A phone consultation with the client will assist in determining cost, however, in some cases the client may be unaware of the severity of the coat condition or behavior/temperament of the pet in a grooming environment. In these cases the groomer will determine the cost based on the "up close and personal" assessment on arrival at the appointment.  There are also other factors to keep in mind when considering the fees for your pet's grooming:

When it comes to dog grooming, CT customers often have many questions. Groomers often hear people say "My dog's haircut costs more than mine! " Indeed it does, and here are just a few reasons why:

  • Your stylist doesn't come to your house in a custom, rolling salon.
  • You don't go for two to six months (a year?) without ever taking a bath or brushing your hair.
  • You don't have to be carried to the sink screaming at your stylist at the top of your lungs.
  • Your stylist doesn't have to clean black wax from your ears and shave your "sanitary areas".
  • Your stylist doesn't have to wipe goo from your eyes.
  • You don't try to scratch or bite your stylist.
  • You don't get a manicure & pedicure with your haircut.
  • Your stylist only has to worry about the hair on your head.
  • The likelihood of your peeing or pooping on your stylist's hands is slim
              to none.

Add to all the above the "convenience to you" factor and the cost of fueling a 3.5 ton van three times a week.   You can now see why a pet groom is more expensive than your own.

A few things to be aware of before you call for a dog or cat grooming appointment:

Extra large breeds: We regret that Dirty Hairy is unable to accommodate extra large breeds, be they long or short haired - Afghans, Great Danes, Newfies, Great Pyrenees, St. Bernards, Russian/Irish Wolfhounds, etc., or corded dogs such as Comondores and Pulis.

.A basic dog grooming includes all of the following:
(as needed and when appropriate to breed):

  • nails clipped
  • ears cleaned
  • ears plucked (poodle and poodle mix breeds)
  • sanitary areas cleaned/trimmed
  • paws shaved between pads
  • brush out
  • bath - shampoo & condition
  • breed-appropriate hair/scissorcut (not applicable to short-haired dogs)
  • warm-air blow dry
  • sparkly bandana or bow !
When you touch your dog and a mushroom cloud of fur and dander erupts from his coat you've got a shedder!  Tumbleweeds of fur rolling across your kitchen floor?  You've got a shedder!  Fur in your eyes, ears, nose and mouth?  Shedder!  Dog fur in the hair trap of your shower?  Shedder!

One of the the most popular and valuable services Dirty Hairy provides is the de-shed treatment which leaves your dog deep cleaned, shiny, shed-free and absolute heaven to the touch for up to four weeks, sometimes longer.  The service includes the basic groom as described to the above left and is a real must for Labs, Goldens, Collies, arctic breeds and hounds, as well as any shedding dogs in general.  Ask Hairy about this treatment - how it works and what we do.  The average fee for a large dog is $85.  The treatment takes about an hour and a half .

Dirty Hairy highly recommends vacuuming your house from top to bottom while the de-shed is being performed.  In this way you'll find yourself living in a hair-free environment for a long spell.
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Please note: as of July 1, 2011, groomers must attach a 6.35% CT Sales & Service tax on top of fees.  Also, as of March 1, 2012, the rising cost of fuel will regrettably require a $5  increase in base fees.