Mobile Rocks!
Super Sudser hydro-massage shampoo system
It's ten after ten.  Do you know where your groomer is?
The work area is loaded with windows, air vents and great light.
Tools are cleaned and oiled every day, and sterilized after each grooming session.
Again, note how open and airy.
Vacuum cleaner
The van is equipped with its own fresh water and grey (dirty water) tanks and generator.  In this way the groomer never needs to tap into a client's utilities, or drain off dirty tub water into your driveway.  Dirty Hairy drains off all grey water in compliance with local environmental guidelines and all products are organic and bio-degradable.

The van arrives clean and fresh with all its own necessary equipment, clean towels, treats, soft music, the best organic bathing products, sanitary scissors and clippers, and a groomer who loves all animals - with the exception of the German cockroach and the Somalian mole rat.
No groomer finishes out their career without being bitten at least once.  This is safety provision A6-B141, aka the muzzle. If you haven't already done so, please visit "Why does my pet's haircut cost more than my own?" on the "Services" link.
Laundry chute
Hot/Cold water
A/C in hot weather, warm furnace in cold.
One size fits all.  Adustable, hydraulic grooming table.
Numerous fresh air vents and fans
Why Mobile Pet Grooming is So Great

First the obvious:  I come to you! You save time and fuel (which is money), and physical energy.

With Dirty Hairy in your driveway..

Your pet/s will:
  • feel far less separation anxiety.
  • get personal, one-on-one attention.
  • be in the safe, clean and quiet environment of a custom grooming van.
  • be finished in about two hours or less (varies w/breed, temperament and coat condition).
  • feel energized and healthier.
  • look, feel and smell wonderful and be lovely to touch.

You will:
  • rest easy because your pet is in the care of a licensed, certified professional.
  • never feel badly that your pet must wait for you in a cage all day wondering if they're
   ever going  to see you again, or why they're being punished.
  • never worry that your pet is being exposed to the barking and anxieties of other dogs.
  • never worry that they're being exposed to parasites or diseases carried by other animals.
  • never have to put a dirty, hairy or smelly pet in your car.
  • love having a clean and beautiful pet in your home.

Hairy's clients all agree:  "Once you go mobile you'll never go back!"

It's really a no-brainer. So why not call today?

Quality, high-end, organic shampoos & conditioners. No harsh chemicals. Ever.
Yep. It's all legit.
The entire van is deep-cleaned and sterilized once a week.
Smiles all around! Dirty Hairy's groomer with Casey, the lovely Golden, getting her summer clip, and Casey's best friend, Joey, who did a gold star job helping out during the groom. Kids love the van and are always welcome in it. (Until I say otherwise.)  Thanks again, Joey!
P.S.:  Before the Groomer Arrives - Dogs:

About one half hour before the scheduled groom time, please allow your dog/s some time outdoors to pee and/or whatever.  In this way the groom is MUCH more comfortable for the pet/s and obviously more sanitary for the groomer.

Also, when the van arrives in your driveway, please give the groomer a minute to set up.  The groomer will then come to the house to meet and collect your pet.  Thank you!
Some dogs REALLY take to the tub! - This is Alfie K.
Is this a great way to make a living or what?
Clean towels
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